Chicago at the 2020 Stratford Festival

Chicago at the 2020 Stratford Festival

Chicago’s sinister plot and seductive players come to life during the 2020 Stratford Festival’s production of this fiery musical about the most gorgeous women of American crime. There will be no shortage of talent – or beauty – on the stage during this eye-catching musical that will buzz in your ears long after the curtain closes.

An American Musical Brought to Life by International Talent

The cast of Stratford’s Chicago is full of seasoned veterans who have what it takes to act, dance and sing with the quality demanded of this much-anticipated production.

Prepare for choreography and costumes that will absolutely wow you and keep your eyebrows raised throughout every scene. These players won’t skip a beat as they pay a flattering ode to John Kander and Fred Ebb – the original creators of this jazz-age musical. It won’t take long for you to understand why this Broadway production holds the record as the longest-running American musical in the world-renowned stage’s history.

Intrigue, Seduction and All That Jazz

From the titillating “All that Jazz” through to “Cell Block Tango” there are countless hits contained within this tempting musical about several women who are accused of heinous crimes. Watch as the ladies of Chicago struggle to prove their innocence – whether they did the crime or not.

This performance is not for the faint of heart, but it’s certainly for any theatregoer who has an appreciation for sharp dialogue, complex and intriguing dance routines and vocals that will haunt you like the ghosts of the Chicago girls victims.

Purchase your tickets for Chicago today and watch the Stratford Festival become invigorated by a cast of characters who each shine with the sinister appeal owed to the intricate personalities woven together in this tricky tale of murder, seduction and more.

Location: Festival Theatre

Dates: April 11 through to November 1, 2020

Visit the Stratford Festival website for Chicago tickets and information.

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