Stratford Culinary & Food Tours

Stratford Culinary & Food Tours

Stratford culinary and food tours are the perfect way to get to know the area – through your taste buds and appreciation for thoughtful culinary creations. If having a passion for food is synonymous with having a zest for life, then the citizens of Stratford must really know how to live because our town serves up some of the most delicious and creative plates in Southwestern Ontario.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal that will keep your stomach and heart content or you want to sample sweet and savoury treats that provide a more diverse look at Stratford’s food scene, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for within the heart of Southwestern Ontario.

Flavours of Stratford Tour

Flavours of Stratford Tours
Black Swan Brewing Company in Stratford, Ontario – Image courtesy of Flavours of Stratford

How will you know how much you love something, if you haven’t tried it yet? Let Kim Thompson show you the delicious side of Stratford you’ve been missing. Don’t let your getaway pass by without incorporating an aspirational food tour into your weekend. Kim offers different tours for different tastes, but regardless of which one you choose, you’ll enjoy visiting Stratford’s best-kept secrets to enjoy the area’s best-loved recipes.

See which Flavours of Stratford tour suits your taste buds best today!

Stratford’s Bacon & Ale Trail

Stratford's Bacon & Ale Tour
Image courtesy of Visit Stratford

If you’re looking for an adventure of a more specific and savoury persuasion, consider exploring Stratford’s most indulgent spots that offer bacon-or-ale-inspired treats. On this self-guided tour, you can choose five different spots: from the Best Little Pork Shoppe, which for 25 years has boasted some of the area’s best local pork products, through to somewhere like the Shakespeare Brewing Company where you’ll sample flights of small-batch seasonal beers, this tour is perfect for carnivores and beer connoisseurs alike.

Learn more about Stratford’s Bacon & Ale Trail and purchase trail vouchers for $30 (+HST) at the Stratford Tourism Office.

Indulge in an Extraordinary Chocolate Trail

Stratford’s Chocolate Trail

Stratford is home to numerous internationally-renowned confectioners and bakers who will absolutely blow your mind when it comes to prepping a wide variety of classic sweets and surprising treats the whole family will enjoy.

During this tour, you can visit the can’t-miss Rheo Thompson Candies where you should pick up a box of delicately wrapped mint smoothie confections for your loved ones. Don’t forget to incorporate a coffee shop and unique bakery into your self-guided tour, so you can taste little pieces of heaven all throughout Stratford.

Learn more about the Stratford Chocolate Trail and purchase your $30 (+HST) trail pass in-person at the Stratford Tourism Office.

When planning your culinary getaway to Stratford, consider staying at The Parlour Inn, so you can be centrally-located and surrounded by great company who share your love of all things delicious.