Shakespeare Plays at The Stratford Festival

Shakespeare Plays at The Stratford Festival

Shakespeare and all his greatest works have a home within Stratford, Ontario where world-renowned actors showcase the Bard’s greatest theatrical works in multiple theatres, while also paying tribute to the extraordinary playwright all around town.

From the Avon Theatre through to our Shakespearean Gardens and at each of the Stratford Festival’s Theatres, you will find Shakespeare’s legacy very much alive within one of Ontario’s most culturally-rich towns. Every year, from April to October, the Stratford Festival delights audience members with a cultivated repertoire of theatre’s best-loved productions. This year, plan a visit to the Stratford Festival where three of his plays will be featured during the Festival.

Superior Shakespearean Performances Right Here in Southwestern Ontario

During this wonderful festival, directors, actors, writers and creative minds of every kind always come together to put on renditions of Shakespeare’s fan-favourite plays. Due to the Festival’s deep-rooted associations with Shakespeare, which began even before its opening in 1952, these purveyors of theatre put special tender love and creativity into recreating and reimaging Shakespeare’s works.

Visit Stratford – where the creator of the Festival, Tom Patterson, began the Festival and secured our town’s position as a world-leader in theatre. Walk the streets and see how the lovechild of remarkable talent and Patterson’s dedication to elevating Stratford and Shakespeare thrives within a town that would be unrecognizable by any other name.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor at The Stratford Festival

Oh, the things women can achieve when they put their minds and mischief together! Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy, which pins two wealthy ladies against one unfaithful seducer, is transported from the Elizabethan era through to the 1950s.

See how these two clever wives concoct a smart plan, coloured with exceptional repartee, to overcome a small-town Romeo, while making their onlookers laugh all the while.

Dates: May 11-October 26

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Henry VIII

Shakespeare’s Henry VIII at The Stratford Festival

Could you ever guess that one divorce would change all of history? In this play, where an impassioned king Henry VII seeks reprieve from his longtime wife, Katherine of Aragon, the entire country must pay for the former’s changing desires.

See how the Stratford Festival stages the palpable struggle between personal values and public good during a titillating rendition of one of Shakespeare’s most perilous dramas.

Dates: May 7-October 20

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Shakespeare’s Othello at The Stratford Festival

Sometimes, love is simply not enough – and, nowhere is that more true than in a violent Shakespearean tragedy. Watch as two potent lovers, Othello and Desdemona, are torn apart by jealousy, racism and the poisonous words of a wickedly brilliant villain.

Dates: May 3 – October 27

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Plan a Truly Shakespearian Getaway to Stratford, Ontario

Whether you choose to laugh, cry or fall in love during one of these Shakespearean productions, be sure to pick The Parlour Inn for your post-play Stratford Festival accommodations. Stay within walking distance from all the best spots to revel in the wonder of Shakespeare and, of course, to ensure you won’t be late for your performance of choice.

Purchase your tickets and book your room at The Parlour Inn, so you can incorporate a superior gastropub dining experience and charming amenities into your Shakespearean-inspired getaway.