Stratford Brewery Tours & Craft Beers

Stratford Brewery Tours & Craft Beers

Stratford’s craft beer scene is bubbling, and our little town is the perfect destination for beer lovers and foodies alike. Below, we highlight one of the greatest ways to spend your day in Stratford (it combines beer and bacon, so we feel confident making this bold statement), as well as two of our local breweries you’ll want to check out.

Savour Stratford Bacon & Ale Trails

Name a more iconic duo than beer and bacon – we’ll wait. Stratford is located in the centre of Ontario’s largest pork-producing areas and it is home to craft brewers who are incredibly passionate about producing the area’s best ales.

Choose five stops on this self-guided tour where you’ll discover must-taste restaurants and retail stores for bacon-or-ale-centric goodies. At each of the stops, you’ll have the chance to speak to some of the great culinary minds who have inspired these amazing creations.

You don’t have to visit all the stops in one day. The pass is valid for a week from purchase date so you can take your time to truly savour the salty goodness of bacon and the wide array of palette-pleasing beers.

Price: $30 per person

There are plenty of stops to choose from, but here is a sneak peek at two of the local breweries who should be at the top of your Stratford Bacon & Ale Trail list.

Stratford Brewing Company

This small family-run business is driven by a Stratford native, Joseph Tuer. It has always been Joseph’s dream to open a first-class microbrewery in his hometown, and he is taking his passion seriously. He uses all-natural and unpasteurized ingredients to craft amazingly tasty beers that will please a diverse crowd.

Stratford Brewing Company’s signature beer is the Stratford Pilsner. It’s smooth, golden amber and crisp flavour is an ode to the Avon River and the elegant swans who grace it. Made with quality ingredients and a great deal of care, you’ll love this first-class pilsner and the opportunity to speak with a brewmaster who prioritizes quality and creativity.

Black Swan Brewing Company

Two local Stratford boys (and teachers) have elevated their passion for brewing great beer at home to bring it to their friends, neighbours and the broader community. The two brewmasters share a deep love for Stratford, and they celebrate the iconic town by using local ingredients and remaining dedicated to providing their clients with only the very best craft ales.

Try their English Pale Ale, Porter or India Pale Ale – all three styles will be sure to delight. For the more adventurous tasters, there are other options that will encourage you to push your beer flavour and aroma boundaries.

Cheers to craft beer in Stratford

If you love beer, then enjoy a getaway in town that brews beer lovers. Ensure you’re within walking distance to many of Stratford’s beer hotspots by booking your stay at The Parlour Inn – a great hotel that shares your love of delicious food and awesome drinks.