Stratford and Area Self-Guided Historical Tours & Attractions

Stratford and Area Self-Guided Historical Tours & Attractions

The charming town of Stratford was established in the 1830’s, so it’s no wonder – when we welcome visitors from across Ontario into our historical attractions – they keep Stratford in their hearts and return year-after-year for our rich history, culture and culinary offerings.

Meander Around our Town for a Journey Back in Time

If you’re interested in taking a look at artifacts and learning about Stratford’s unique history, be sure to visit these important destinations:

The Stratford Perth Museum, Image Courtesy of The Stratford Perth Museum
The Stratford Perth Museum, Image Courtesy of The Stratford Perth Museum


From an emotional visit to the town’s beautiful Cenotaph, where you can pay homage to the brave men and women who fought for freedom in the first and second World Wars, through to experiencing vibrant Culture Days at the museum, these stops are must-sees during any history buff’s Southwestern Ontario getaway.

To ensure you don’t miss a fact (or a step!), access audio walk-throughs of Stratford’s landmarks and heritage.

Historical Sites (and sights) That Define Stratford, Ontario

The Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation has proudly cared for and perpetuated Stratford’s colourful history since 1964. One of the historical sites this foundation is most proud of is the Fryfogel Inn, in the heart of Perth County. This 19th-century stagecoach stop was a resting place for incoming settlers. Now, our community is attempting to restore its gorgeous skeleton to the building’s former glory. Together, history-lovers and local supporters have contributed to creating a truly special ode to our shared heritage that visitors to the area should certainly see.

Self-Guided Historical Tour of Stratford

Even if you’re not looking for an official guided tour, but still want to indulge in the beauty of historical architecture, Stratford is the place to spend your weekend getaway. With your Rheo Thompson chocolates in hand, alongside a Balzac’s coffee, simply start walking from your elegant accommodations at The Parlour Inn and head toward and through the centre of town to remark some truly extraordinary heritage buildings.

Shakespeare is Alive and Well in Stratford

From the famous gardens to the Festival, Stratford is world-renowned for the eloquent homage it pays to one of the greatest playwrights of all time – William Shakespeare himself. Start your day with a refined cup of coffee and then walk towards the Avon River where you can unwind amongst the Bard’s perfectly manicured gardens and see the area’s infamous swans.

Plan your getaway during the Stratford Festival to take in unparalleled theatrical performances that boast modern talent alongside reverenced plotlines within a setting that has a history as rich as the costumes and performances you’ll fall for.

What’s Old is New Again

During your self-guided walking tour of Stratford, be sure to stop at the following hot-spots and stop to see essential aspects of this classic town have been preserved, adapted and updated to serve as public spaces we can all enjoy.

Stratford City Hall

City Hall is a beautiful heritage site where you can stop to snap photos and learn a bit about the cultural hub of the city.

Historic Stratford City Hall
Historic Stratford City Hall

Stratford Market Square

The Market Square is an open community space that continues to bustle with local artisans and play host to special events and Culture Days that bring community members – and well-loved visitors—together to celebrate great food, music and the unique heartbeat only a place like Stratford has.

The Pumphouse

The Pumphouse, which is known today as Gallery Stratford, offers unique stops on a historical tour of the area. While the original pumphouse and reservoir buildings are no longer, the area is now home to the Stratford Art Society’s gallery, so it’s a great place to stop for the history buff and aesthetic aficionado alike.

Visit Stratford for the Perfect Mix of Modern Amenities and Rich History

While we all love a blast from the past and the opportunity to walk leisurely amidst simpler times, we’ve grown accustomed to the luxury and ease we associate with modern living. Stay at The Parlour Inn in Stratford, Ontario and you’ll never have to worry about settling for anything less than the unassuming luxury of our accommodations and the award-winning dining and service experiences we’re committed to providing.

Book your Stratford getaway today and start planning exactly how you want to experience our history, while also enjoying the present we’ve carefully crafted to appease the desires of every visitor.