Stratford Festival Spotlight – The School for Scandal

Stratford Festival Spotlight – The School for Scandal

Geraint Wyn Davies and Shannon Taylor. Photography by Lynda Churilla.
© Stratford Festival

Indulge in some guilt-free gossip and drama during the 2017 Stratford Festival with Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The School for Scandal. Watch as director Antoni Cimonlino and his talented cast of seasoned Stratford players transform this 18thcentury performance in a work of hilarious and, at times, shocking drama. You’ll fall for the over-the-top costumes, makeup and eye-catching setting, but the witty repartee of the complex characters will keep you engaged during the entire performance. 

Spreading Lies & Creating Trouble at Stratford

You’ll never get bored during The School for Scandal because every plot and subplot will surprise you with twists, turns and juicy dramatics you may not expect from this period piece. You may not know whose side to choose as you watch friends, lovers and enemies work together and compete to come out on top within their twisted circle of high society and low morality.  

The names of the characters alone are enough to suggest how much fun you’ll have at the Stratford Festival; see Snake, Lady Sneerwell, Mrs Candour and Mr Crabtree each play their roles in spreading lies to make themselves look innocent and their counterparts the ones creating trouble.

Surprising Plots & Deceptive Characters

Money is the root of much of the wrongdoing that takes place, but there are a few key players who attempt to right the moral compasses steering the plot. Your ability to read people and situations will likely be tested during the play, and it may take you right up until the end of the show to really grasp who is who they seem, and who may be wearing a mask.

If you’re coming to Stratford to see The School for Scandal, make sure your overnight stay is as enjoyable (but not nearly as dramatic) as the show itself. Book a room at The Parlour Inn – a perfect spot for discerning guests who will love the ornate details of this 19thcentury boutique hotel. Treat yourself and your guests to an award-winning meal before the performance and walk over to the Stratford Festival from your conveniently located accommodations.

Book your trip to the Festival City today, and get schooled in scandal, historical aesthetics, great food and delicious spirits.