Stratford Festival Play Spotlight – The Changeling

Stratford Festival Play Spotlight – The Changeling

Mikaela Davies. Photography by Lynda Churilla.
© Stratford Festival

Are you looking for an evening that combines romance with a daring plot that twists and turns in the classic style of a film noir? Join Beatrice-Joanna as she attempts to navigate her feelings for her lover, Alsemero, and her hatred for her unwanted fiancé. See how the Femme Fatale relentlessly pursues her romantic interests – without consideration for the well-being of the men who may get in her way.

You and your guests will become enthralled by the two parallel plots and captivating dialogue that has a complexity reminiscent of the Bard. From secret romantic dalliances to the darkest corners of a madhouse, the writers, Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, take audience members on an incredible, but tragic journey.

For avid theatregoers or newcomers, The Changeling is a brilliant foray into the world of Jacobean or Revenge Tragedies, and it is often regarded as one of the best examples of this dramatic genre. The Stratford cast never skips a beat and each player does the complex rhetorical exchanges a beautiful justice. You will be both tempted and horrified by the stunning Mikaela Davis who plays Beatrice-Joanna, and her masculine counterparts certainly stand up to her bold performance.

Watch with wide eyes as the Stratford cast explores profound themes, including the ideas of original sin and the fall of humanity. The eroticism and excitement of the thriller, nestled amidst one of the most beautiful towns in Ontario, is accentuated by Stratford’s outdoor setting. Before and after the titillating performance, stroll through Stratford’s ornate streets where you’ll encounter as much natural elegance as you will impressive heritage.

Once your heart is racing, you and your loved one can chat and cheers over the outstanding performance of The Changeling at The Parlour Steakhouse where you’ll enjoy a sophisticated dining atmosphere. The Parlour is walking distance from the theatre and it offers the perfect accommodations for guests who have the same discerning taste for hotels as they do the theatre. Contact The Parlour today at 519 271 2772 to make your plans to visit the 2017 Stratford Festival.