Stratford Festival 2018 Playbill

Stratford Festival 2018 Playbill

Photography by Richard Bain.
© Stratford Festival

Theatre-lovers and first-time theatregoers can look forward to an incredible playbill for the 2018 Stratford Festival, which has just been released! Visit Stratford, Ontario for world-class theatre that will move your hearts, bring you to tears and get you on your feet.

Each year, the Stratford Festival offers audiences from across North America the best that theatre has to offer. Exceptional casts and creative teams work year-round to put together impeccable renditions of some of the world’s most famous plays, as well as original productions by Stratford’s very own.

First-Class Entertainment in Ontario’s Most Charming Town

Nestled in Stratford, Ontario, the Stratford Festival is North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company. Each year, guests flock to this cozy town and are treated to a dozen or more productions in the Festival’s four distinctive venues. From modern musicals to Shakespearean classics, there is something for everyone – performed by the best in the business.

Stratford: A Theatre Town That Simply Sparkles

When you visit Stratford, you will immediately sense that something special is about to happen. From the unique boutiques to the historical architecture, Stratford will enchant you and entice you to return time and time again. Visit the Shakespearean Gardens to see the swans and beautifully manicured gardens that line the Avon River. Share an artisanal coffee and freshly-baked treat while looking out over the town and taking in the buskers and colourful characters that make the streets of Stratford all the more magical.

2018 Stratford Festival Playbill

Here is a list of all the plays that will be featured during the 2018 Stratford Festival. For ticket information, visit the Stratford festival website and don’t wait to book your tickets – they’re selling out fast

  • The Music Man – April 17th to November 3rd
  • The Tempest – May 10th to October 26th
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – April 27th – October 31st
  • To Kill A Mockingbird – May 4th to November 4th
  • Coriolanus – June 9th to October 20th
  • An Ideal Husband – May 11th to October 28th
  • Napoli Milionaria – August 2nd to October 20th
  • Julius Caesar – July 31st to October 27th
  • Paradise Lost – August 1st to October 14th
  • Bronte – June 6th to October 13th
  • The Comedy of Errors – May 15th to October 14th
  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night – May 5th to October 13th

Book an Enchanted Stay to Extend the Magic of the Stage

Don’t rush home after the perfect Stratford Festival production. Instead, book a stay in the centre of town at The Parlour Inn so you can walk to and from the hotel before and after your performance. Then, you can enjoy a leisurely dinner in the Parlour Inn’s award-winning steakhouse, as well as all the comforts you will need to unwind as you chat about the amazing plot twists, costumes and catharsis you’ve just experienced during the Stratford Festival.