Stratford Festival 2017: A Field Guide to Attending a Play in Stratford

Stratford Festival 2017: A Field Guide to Attending a Play in Stratford

The Stratford Festival is one of the highlights of a stay in Stratford Ontario with its internationally known casts and wide variety of performances. Two of the four theaters are also conveniently located near The Parlour Inn, and you can rest in elegance and style after a rousing theater show. There are several tips to make your play even more enjoyable, so pour yourself a glass of wine and get cozy with this field guide for attending a play in Stratford Ontario.


The city of Stratford is renovating the downtown area, so parking can be a challenge. To save time and hassle, remember that you can walk from the Parlour Inn to the Avon Theatre and the Studio Theatre. There are parking options located near each of the theaters, and easily accessible parking areas are on Downie Street and Lakeside Drive. There is limited, free parking available at the Tom Patterson Theatre. Plan to arrive early to allow sufficient time to find a parking spot and stroll to the theater.

Recommended Attire

While no specific dress code exists, many patrons dress up for their theater experience. The temperature in the theater may feel cool to some people, so you may wish to complement your attire with a sweater or light jacket.

The Theaters

Four unique theaters open their doors for the Stratford Festival, and each provides a memorable theater event. The Avon Theatre is a former vaudeville stage, and it exudes an atmosphere of old-world glamour and charm. The Festival Theatre started in 1953 as wooden stage covered with a tent and now has a classy, modern look. The Studio Theatre has been hosting world-class entertainment for over 60 years, and there is an exclusive seating section mere steps from the stage. The Tom Patterson Theatre is laid out in an innovative, round style to give you a special, 360-degree view of the action.

General Etiquette

It’s always a good idea to arrive early and settle into your seat. If you are late, it may have to wait until a break in the show to be seated. Please turn off all mobile devices and refrain from taking photographs or videos during the performance. For your convenience, you are permitted to bring in beverages with a lid purchased at the theater. Please be considerate of patrons with allergies, and limit your use of scented products.

Purchasing Tickets

To wrap up this field guide, all that remains is to make sure that you have tickets. You can purchase tickets online through the Stratford Festival’s website or by calling the box office.

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